Stressful Day

Today is a very stressful day. We are scheduled to set-up our booth today at SMX for the CSR expo. The contractor we assigned to design the booth picked-up our units this morning and we told them that we will meet them at the site at 4pm. We were not able to leave the office right away because there’s no available driver that can bring us there. We have a pole for the solar street light and my water filtration unit that’s why we need a big vehicle. We have the L300 but there’s no one to drive and I don’t know how to drive it. Hehe! Thankfully, one of the purchasing staff arrived earlier than scheduled and he agreed to take us there. We left the office at 4pm and got to SMX at 5pm. The ingress is scheduled at 12nn-8pm and when we got there, most of the booths have already set up. We were expecting that our contractor is there already but unfortunately they are not done yet with the printing and are still in their shop in Valenzuela. Our President is calling me because he was alarmed of the situation and at the same time, Raffy Alunan is also calling him for follow up. Our booth is beside Lopez Group Foundation and he’s bothered that it will look bare if we won’t be able to set-up on time. They already made a Plan B just in case the contractor will not be able to deliver. At 7pm, we were informed that the contractor is still in Valenzuela so we told them not to come anymore and just set up in the morning since there’s also an ingress scheduled at 4-7am. So we left SMX since there’s nothing we can do. I went to Greenbelt to meet Paul and my sister to watch Harry Potter and I’ll just come back in the morning to oversee the set up of the contractor. Thanks to Harry Pottter, my stressful day turned out great in the end. :)

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