Our Booth

As mentioned in my previous post, the contractor did not make it on the scheduled ingress yesterday and so my staff and I met at 3am to be at SMX at 4am for the set up. Fortunately, the contractor was there already and was just waiting for the venue to open. Sadly, they opened at 5am which made us wait for more than 1 hour and less time to set up. I was once again stressed when they were setting up because the height and the width of the backdrop are not exact with the height and width of the booth. Plus they used a thick cintra board and brought only few double adhesive tapes that I’m not sure if it can hold it for 2 days. I just advised them to use the scotch tapes they brought to help fix the board. Thankfully, they were able to set up just in time before the expo opened. Here is what it looked like:

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