Lance's Birthday and the Typhoon

As blogged here, my son was not able to celebrate his birthday in school on his actual birthday due to typhoon pedring.  As I looked back, I realized that every two or three years, my son’s birthday has typhoons that brought much disaster to our country.  I gave birth in 2006 when Milenyo directly hit Metro Manila.  From what I remember, my friends and some family members who visited me were joking that they would like to stay in the hospital with me since there is electricity there compared to their houses.  I gave birth in the morning of Sept. 27, I don’t really remember the exact date that Milenyo hit Manila but from what I saw in the news when I was in my room already, it really brought total disaster.  I spent 5 days at the hospital but still was shocked when I went out that there are still uprooted trees and remnants brought by Milenyo.  We’re glad though that at that time, electricity was restored back.
On his first birthday, I remember there was a typhoon again.  It wasn’t that strong compared to Milenyo but during his first birthday party which was on Sept. 29, there were still strong rains that not all our guests were able to come.  Thankfully we were able to push through with the party.
Then on his third birthday Ondoy came and showed his wrath.  It was Sept. 26, 2009 when ondoy hit our country and brought a lot of damage.  We even had our own experience during Ondoy as blogged here.  I still remember some of our neighbors sang happy birthday to Lance while we were all at the same room waiting for the flood to subside.
And then just recently, typhoon Pedring hit our country on Sept. 27, his actual birthday.  It did not hit Metro Manila directly, we just don’t’ have electricity for 8 hours but there’s no flood or anything.  But the damage it brought to Central Luzon is worse than Ondoy.  In fact, as of this writing, there are still some areas that are still flooded and it has been 3 weeks already. 
Anyhow, I just want to think that Lance’s birthday brings blessings to him.  They always say that rains = blessings so that’s what I’m claiming.  I do hope though that those who were affected by these typhoons have recovered already and their lives are going back to normal.

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