Christmas Gift Shopping

A toy shop started their sale last weekend and my sis started buying gifts already.  She asked me if I am going to buy too but I said I’d have to pass this time because I don’t have the budget yet.  I also haven’t made a list yet of who to give gifts too, although most of them of course includes my inaanaks, my colleagues, my aunt, my parents, Lance’s classmates in school, his teachers and of course, my kids.  I’m actually having problems choosing what to give to Lance’s teachers.  My friends suggested I give them a kit or sort of a cosmetic bag that I can customize so they can use it as their pencil case or whatsoever, but I also saw online some spongeables which I think are nice gifts too.  I think my colleagues will like it too.  Anyhow, I really think I should make a list soon so that when the next sale comes, I’ll be able to buy gifts already.

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