Last Friday, a team from our company went to Pampanga to do an outreach activity.  There are still areas there that are flooded and worse, they don’t have supply of drinking water.  We have an equipment that can instantly convert water from sources such as river, deep well, rainwater, etc. and make it potable so we brought this to Pampanga.  We just started setting up and there are already people falling in line to get water.  That’s just how much they needed it!  We started around 10am and finished by 3pm.  That’s the only time that there are no more lines waiting to get clean water.  It was a nice experience and before we left, the previous vice mayor asked if we can come back since there are still a lot of barangays that needs potable water.  I told them that they tell us of their schedule so we can set up a team again to accommodate their request.  It’s good to know that my product can really help a lot of people! J

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