Applying for NBI Clearance

As mentioned before, I resigned from work a few weeks back and so I need to comply to the requirements of the company where I am going and one of the requirements is the NBI clearance. Luckily, there is an NBI branch at Robinsons Metro East that is just walking distance to our house. The thing is, when I asked the information counter on what time I should be there, she said that people arrive early in the morning to fall in line and NBI accepts only 500 applicants. When I say early, as in 2:00-4:00am! So I asked Paul to go with me since it’s too early. We arrived at 4:00am and true enough there was a line already. We just waited there and by 5:00am, the guards led us to the 6th floor parking area where we waited again until 8:00 when NBI is opened. What’s good about it lang is that we were able to sit down at the parking area compared when we were at the ground floor.

In fairness to NBI, the processing is quick as long as you don’t have a hit. When they opened at 8:00am, I was given #81. I waited for about 2 more hours before my number was called. Unfortunately, I have a hit so I was not able to get my clearance. I was asked to come back on Nov. 11 to claim it.

To those of you who will be applying for NBI clearance, here are the steps:

Step 1: Get your number and form from the guard.

Step 2: When your number is called go to window 1 to pay. The clearance costs P115.00.

Step 3: Wait for your turn for encoding.

Step 4: Proceed to the next window for picture taking and finger scanning.

Step 5: Claim your clearance (provided you don’t have a hit, you will be given a date when to claim in case your name has a hit.)

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