Busy Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy day for us. In the morning, we sent the kids for check-up and also asked the pedia to sign the form needed for Lance’s big school. It was also Paul’s follow-up check-up from since he was sick a couple of days ago.

After the check-up, we sent the kids home then Paul and I went to Ateneo for the ASES as blogged here. From there, we went to Medical City for my check-up with my OB and for Pap smear too. We also asked my OB to give me referral slip so I can have a TVS, Blood Test, Urinalysis, and Breast ultrasound since it will be the last time that I’ll be able to use my HMO since I have resigned already.

I was able to have the pap smear and urinalysis right away. We went to lunch first since it was 2:30 already then went back to the ambulatory for the blood test. I was informed that fasting is needed so they advised me to go back next time. They are open na at 6:00am so I can come na as early as that. We then went to the breast clinic but they had the cut off already. They advised me to come back early because they only accept scheduling on the same day and they only accommodate 30 persons per day. Since I’ll be going back early for my blood test, I told them that I’ll just come back next time. After that, we went to women’s health center for my TVS. When my turn was called, the sonologists said that I have a nice uterus and that my DMPA (contraceptive shots), are working because they can see the thick lining. I don’t really know what they meant when they said that my uterus is good, hopefully it means it’s a healthy uterus. They also had pelvic ultrasound just to be sure and they had the same results.

I was finished there by 5:30 and from there Paul and I went to Megamall to search for the kids wish list for our upcoming Christmas party. When we found na what we think they want, we went home. It was really one tiring but fruitful day. :)

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