Holy Week Plans

Right now, I really am looking forward to the Holy Week. I planned a lot of things to do and I hope I’ll be able to finish them all. Thursday, I just plan to stay home and clean the bodega in our room. The kids have been asking for their tent and I know I put it somewhere in the bodega so I need to look for it. Thursday night, my sister and I plan to go on Visita Iglesia in the churches near our house. Friday, my parents and my sister are leaving for the US so I think I’ll just help them pack with the things they need to bring. Saturday, I plan to bring the kids to MOA to go to the Nido Science Center. They haven’t been to the mall for the longest time and I’m hoping this could be the right time and I hope there won’t be too many people in the mall because most of them are in vacation. Sunday we will just hear mass in our church then the kids will have a swimming party in my cousin’s house for the bday celebration of her 2 yr old son. Monday, Paul and I are scheduled for our ventosa and Swedish massage we purchased online. This will be in Katipunan. After that, I go home again and spend time with my children. The following days will be back to reality. Hmm… looks like I won’t go on vacation after all. :D

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