Uno is Dos

My cousin’s son Uno turned 2 last April 8 and we attended his swimming party which also includes easter egg hunting. Hannah was so excited with this party because she wants to swim while Lance on the other hand said he doesn’t want to come. I only convinced him to come when I told him his cousin Josh will be there and that there will be easter egg hunting. But still I brought swim clothes for him just in case he gets envious and wants to swim too.

The party is scheduled at 11:00 am. Hannah said she wants to swim already but I asked her to wait first for Uno. When Uno arrived, his mom Iza said the kids can go swimming already. Hannah then changed her clothes and went swimming. I was telling her not to swim yet because it is so hot but she doesn’t want to especially since there are kids swimming already. Lance was just sitting beside me watching his sister swim. I asked him if he wants to swim and he said no, but I told him that just in case he wants to, I brought him his swim clothes.

We asked Hannah to stop swimming first so the kids can go easter egg hunting then have lunch after. Thankfully she obliged. When Lance had finished eating, he said that he wants to swim na and asked me to finish my food. It was 12 noon and I was telling both kids not to swim yet but to no avail. I just put sun block on their bodies and hoped that they won’t get too dark and won’t get sick from too much heat from the sun.

While the kids are swimming, the adults played 2 games which of course involved water. I was not able to join in one of the games because I was watching the kids in the pool. Lance is brave enough to go far from the stairs and go to the deeper portion of the pool. The kids are enjoying so much that it was hard to pull them out from the pool. They don’t even want to take snacks. But by 4pm, I told both kids that they’re in the pool for too long already that they need to take a shower na. Hannah got off the pool first because Lance is still enjoying. He was even mad when we asked him to take a shower na. We left the party a little past 4 with some of my relatives still swimming. My aunt gave them loot bags and also some tokens for us adults.

It was a fun party! It was simple but it was so much fun. The food is good, the snacks are great and the lugaw tastes so good! Paul finished 2 bowls. Hehe! The cake which was baked by my aunt tastes good too. It was not too sweet but has this taste that would make you ask for more. :)

Thanks again Iza for inviting us. We had so much fun especially the kids. :)

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