Don Bosco Church

I accompanied my dad last Friday to visit a relative who passed away.  His wake is at Don Bosco in Makati.  When we got there, I don’t know the people at the wake and my dad left me to talk to someone.  I told him that I’ll go to church instead to hear mass so that I won’t be bored waiting for him to talk to the people.
When I got to the church, I realized how much I missed it.  When we were still living in Fort Bonifacio, I get to see this church every Tuesday when we attend the prayer meeting of the community we belong.  When we moved to Marikina, we don’t attend the meeting anymore due to distance.
I’m just glad I got to visit this church again alone.  It was a good quiet time and I can’t help but get goose bumps when I prayed because I haven’t done my quiet time with the Lord in a long time now.  I do hope I’ll be able to visit this church again soon!

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