Hannah at the Grocery

Every time we go to the grocery, Hannah makes sure she’ll go with us.  My sister often teases her that she’s like me who loves going out.  Admittedly, that’s how I am in my younger years and yes Hannah got it from me. Hehe!
Normally when we get inside, she’ll sit on the cart until she gets bored and will ask us to put her down.  After that, she will help us in getting food items in the list and will put them in the cart. She also loves to play with the rice especially when she put all of her arms under and will tell me that she doesn’t have arms anymore lol!

After paying, she’ll ask us if she can play at the arcade for a little while and we sometimes let her play.  Here she is riding the train.
I consider going to the grocery as a bonding time for me and Hannah and I look forward to it every time. :)

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