Movie Night

Since we have the big tv already (that's what the kids call our new tv), Lance declared Friday nights as movie night.  This means they can sleep late, and choose whatever movie they want to watch.  I also need to make sure that they have popcorn and coke on that day, bring the mattress to the living room so they can sit on the floor while they eat with the lights off.  In Lance's words "It's like a movie theater" hehe!

Recently we had a Transformers marathon where we started with Transformers 1 and half of transformers 2.  I told them that we will just finish the rest of the movie the following day because it's almost midnight already.  Thankfully they obeyed and went to sleep after.

Half of transformers 2 was continued on Saturday and also Transformers 3.  I don't even remember how many times we've seen those movies because Lance always wants to watch them.

This Friday is movie night again and I don't know yet what we're going to watch.  Thankfully Paul downloads movies all the time especially the ones the kids like so we'll just let them choose.  I just hope that for Friday it won't be transformers again. :D

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