Happy Birthday Mama!

Another reason why I was on leave last Friday was because it was my mom’s birthday.  My sis was on leave too and took my mom to the doctor for check-up and to hear mass.  I bought a cake for her, thanks to Sugar House’s promo at Deal Grocer, I was able to buy their truffle with discount.  My sister and my mom also went to SnR to buy ice cream.  We love their ice cream because it’s cheap, it’s big and it’s not too sweet!
Ate Riza (the kids’ nanny) cooked pansit and my brother’s MIL gave puto and voila, we have a simple celebration.  The kids made a card for my mom as their gift and gave it to her as soon as they arrived.
Here’s the birthday girl with her cake.  Happy Birthday again Mama! We love you!

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