Kids' Interests

As mentioned in my previous post, we attended a party yesterday and took home lots of prizes. One of them is this small drum set which my daughter loves to play now. She’s been telling me that she wanted to learn how to play the drums ever since she got a chance to use/play a real drum set. One was during our family Christmas party in Batangas and just recently at Joaqui’s 7th birthday party. I know my daughter is more inclined into arts and music while my son is into sports. When we were at the mall last Saturday, we passed by the area where they sell music instruments. Hannah immediately went there and tried playing the keyboards. She also saw Selmer Clarinets and asked me how it works. She also tried to strum the guitar but got frustrated when it doesn’t make a sound being an electric guitar. Anyway, I’m really glad my kids are showing interests in something else not just in playing gadgets. I really like them to learn to play at least 1 instrument and also to learn how to swim and have interest in other sports, like basketball and volleyball. Both are showing it now and I will support them as long as I can. :)

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