Flat Footed

Yup that’s me.  I didn’t know that I was until I visited an orthopaedic surgeon / sports medicine doctor this afternoon.  I have some very bad ache on my knees and feet for a couple of months now that I decided to have my knees get an x-ray.  This was around last week of April and the result scared me because there it said that I need to start considering degenerative joint disease for both my knees.  This really scared me because I felt like I was too young for this.  I visited one doctor and he said I need to have a therapy but still I am not convinced so I decided to visit another one which was this afternoon.  I was really glad when he told me that I really am too young to have degenerative joint disease.  He asked me to step forward and bend my knees when I do that and that’s when I learned I was flat footed.  He told me not to worry but to start using arch support with my shoes.  I still have to check how much it costs but at least it said I am ok already.  He said that I also need to invest on good running shoes so I can start running again.  So now I need to save one for that. J

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