I had this nasty bite last week on my back which I didn't know where I got.  It was really itchy!  I asked the kids nanny to take a picture of it and I got scared when I saw it.  There are like 3 portions in my back where it's all red and eiiww according to my daughter. 
The following day, I visited a dermatologist to show to her and she told me that those could be insect bites or from ants that got in my clothes.  She advised me to shake off my clothes before wearing them and at the same time spray tengard insecticide in the room for 30 minutes before we enter it.  Also she told me to tell our nanny to check the area where she hang our clothes to dry because there might be insects there.

She prescribed some medication and ointment for my back and it's getting better now.  It's not itchy anymore and it's not as inflamed as it used to though it's still red.  My husband said that it's getting better and I need not worry anymore. J

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