Kobe's 7th Birthday

My cousin has been telling me that Lance will be attending a lot of parties this year since most of his classmates, including him, will turn 7.  Kobe's birthday is the 1st one he attended.

It was held at the Corinthians Hills Clubhouse last Father's Day and I decided to go with Lance while Paul and Hannah went out to the mall.  Paul said Hannah is his father's day date. J

Anyway, it was a swimming party and Lance had a great time swimming despite the rainy weather.  They swam for an hour before the actual party started.  He had a great time with his classmates and he even won some really nice prizes.

I, on the other hand, had a great time talking to fellow mommies and getting to know them as well.  I also enjoyed watching Leodini's magic show and it was really superb!

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