Last Weekend

Friday night, I went to Coconut Palace for Josiah’s Food tasting. My cousin is planning her wedding and just like me, she’s alone in the wedding preparations. Her fiancé is out of the country working kaya she asked me to accompany her. Syempre I went with her, kainan yon eh! Hehehe! Balay Kandila did a great job in making Coconut Palace a nice place to have a wedding reception. It was really nice and of course ang sarap ng food! Sarap talaga kumain pag libre! Hehe! We went home with a full stomach. I even saw John and Benz coz they were distributing yellow pages and wedding primer.

Saturday, I’m her dakilang driver. Left the house at 10am and went to Army Clubhouse first. She liked the clubhouse but her concern is she might be bumped off. The person in charge of the clubhouse told us that if there are functions in the Army and they will be using the clubhouse, even if you’ve reserved already, they would bump you off. Yay! That’s too risky!

Next stop is at Santuario De San Antonio. It is really a very beautiful church. There was also a wedding going on kaya we were able to see the set up of the church. Ganda talaga!

Then we went to Manila Pavilion (where I had my reception!) The lobby was renovated na, and it’s really nice. Sayang lang that during our wedding, it was under renovation. We checked out their tent at the 5th floor and it’s nice also. Sayang lang our contact left already kaya we were not able to talk to her. My cousin will just go back to talk to her to ask if she can avail of the same package I got.

Next we went to Orchidarium. My cousin also liked the place. I just can’t remember what her comment was on that place. But she’s planning to have her pre-nup there. Good choice! J

From Orchidarium, off we went to Intramuros. First stop was at Puerta Real, then Ilustrado, then Patio Victoria, and last was Villa Immaculada. On those 4 venues, she like Ilustrado the most and hated Villa Immaculada because of the girl who talked to us. She’s mataray and does not know how to accommodate prospective customers. Sayang, was not able to get her name.

Our last stop is San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral and among the two, she liked Cathedral and I agree with her. It’s really a beautiful church.

Whew! That was my Saturday, got kinda tired with driving all day but it was fun. And…. I miss wedding preparations!

Early Sunday, went to the airport coz my sister, cousin and pamangkins were leaving for Hong Kong. This is the same group that I should be with if only they allowed me to go. Haayy….. Anyway, from the airport, I drove again to marikina coz that’s were I’m staying till Wednesday. Glad to go there coz I just lay down the whole day. Either watch dvd, sleep, read books or play with ethan. :)

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Pia said...

belated happy birthday toni! grabe pag preggy no, all you want to do is eat and sleep hahaha!

Cynchie said...

hey toni!

naalala ko nung simula pa lang ng wedding preps namin, ganyan din. kung san-san kami pumupunta ni dex just to check out the different places.

sino kaya yung nagtaray sa inyo sa villa immaculada? alam mo ba dati dapat dun na talaga reception namin kasi super nice nung mga tao dun... but well... bumagsak pa rin kami sa heritage hotel! heheheh!

Aggie said...

naku toni, wag kang masyadong magpapagod ha, pero di bale, puro kain din naman ang mga lakad kaya OK lang :D

belated happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

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