Last Saturday, Toni and I went to Capitol Medical Center for the congenital ultrasound of our baby. We opted to have it done there kasi mas mura compared to Medical City where her OB holds clinic. There were already several couples present when we arrived. It didn't take too long though before we were called.

The doctor then applied gel to Toni's belly and then pressed the probe on her abdomen. Then there was our baby's image right in front of us. Sobrang nakakatuwa! This was my first time to see our baby because I wasn't able to accompany her on the previous ultrasound. Malikot nga daw yung baby sabi ng doctor kasi everytime that she presses down on Toni's belly, the baby would move around. Naistorbo siguro and nasikipan hehehe. We saw the development of our baby since the last ultrasound she had. We even saw the baby's heart pumping, the spine was visible, the feet, galing talaga! Everything looked normal daw according to the doctor, thank God! The doctor said the baby's head is positioned on top of the womb but also that it was too early anyway and that the baby would still move to the right position, there was still space visible in the ultrasound. You may be waiting to see if the baby's a boy or a girl. Well, the baby's back was turned to us so we couldn't see. Fortunately, the doctored advised that we go back in 2 weeks or a month when the baby has changed position and has developed some more to check on the baby's gender. This time it's going to be for free.

After the ultrasound, we went straight to her OB in Medical City for her monthly checkup. We gave her the results of the ultrasound, she looked into it, and said also that everything looked normal. We were also able to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was beating so fast. Sabi nga ni Toni nagmamadali si baby at may lakad. Tuwang tuwa si mommy and daddy hehehe. Luv you baby! Luv you honey!

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