Dude, Where's My Bill?

Was there a time that you didnt't get your monthly electric bill, and had to go to the nearest office of the electric company? I did. Good thing that Toni keeps even the previous months' paid bills so we were able to call the company and ask them about it. They said their courier already delivered the bill, but we were like, "What bill?" Anyway, I had to go to their office to settle that since I can't go to the nearset payment centers because i didn't have the latest bill. It isn't really that far from our house, but given traffic conditions, it'll take you the better part of an hour. And when I got there, I was done in less than 5 minutes.

Maybe by having real mailboxes, we wouldn't miss a single bill or letter ever again. You see, most homes I see here have only a slit in the front gate as a mailbox. I think they contain more rust, rainwater and insects than letters if you ask me. More often than not, you would see these bills just twisted and placed in betweenthe grills of your fence. C'mon, don't tell me you've never seen the postman do that. If I ever miss a bill again, I would really consider having a real, working mailbox.

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