Since I Was Kid...

Another one of my favorite shows on TV is American Chopper. Ever since I was young, I've already wanted to have a motorcycle. I can't explain why, maybe it's because of the sense of freedom you get when riding it, the wind in your hair, the bugs that get in your eye, haha. Or maybe it’s the laid back attitude that comes with choppers or the excitement and speed with racers. And my dad had one too when he was young. The closest thing I got to owning one is a bike. That's bike as in bicycle. I'd still like to have one though. The motorcycle that is.

If anyone's planning on getting one, you'd need the right protective gear as well. Given the driving conditions and style here in the Philippines, you'd REALLY need it. Jackets, especially ones made from leather, would be great protection against road rash. But that might be too warm and toasty here. And of course the helmet. There’s a law for that I believe. There’s a whole lot of items for the biker. There are motorcycle sunglasses, gloves, boots, and more I don’t know of. You know what, if you had all of those in black, you’d look like Darth Vader minus the cape. Now if only I could convince Toni...

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