Travel Insurance

My parents who have been living in the US for quite some time now would like to visit us again this year. They haven’t seen my son and are both very excited to see him. They would also like to visit my brother’s family in New Zealand when they come over. But we’re worried of their insurance. Only few companies provide age concern travel insurance. And we’re glad we found one. It’s good that there are companies who provide insurance for elderly. My parents are already on the bracket of what we call “senior citizens” so it’s really important for us that they have insurance coverage when they travel. Not that we want them to get into an accident. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The site is pretty easy to understand and they have several types of insurance that you can choose from. Just choose one that you think is applicable to your travel. Like for my parents, they offer travel insurance for over 65 years. They also have single trip, annual, family and long stay. You can even get an online quote to see how much your insurance will be. So for those of you who’re looking for travel insurance, you may want to check out this one. :)

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