Busy Week

Last week, our provincial heads arrived for our rest of year planning at Astoria plaza. We have ten provincial offices and all the provincial heads arrived last Monday. Their schedule was really tight for they need to meet the territory managers and have dinner with them everyday. My “new” boss is the territory manager for Mindanao and we were scheduled to meet them last Monday. I had fun meeting these people and learned a lot from their provinces. I should really take time to know them and their respective provinces because the new business I will be handling will focus on their areas.

Anyhow, I think I gained some weight last week we ate a lot after meeting. Monday, we ate at Little Quiapo with the Mindanao provincial heads, Tuesday was at Alex III with the Luzon heads and Wednesday was a bit different for we went to Music 21 with the Visayas provincial heads. It was the birthday of one of the provincial heads that my boss decided to celebrate it at a videoke knowing that they love to sing! And we’re right because everyone sang that there are still a lot of songs that they want to sing but we need to cut short our fellowship for we still need to be early for our planning the following day. I’ll make a different post about our planning.

Next week is still a busy week for us for they are still here. We need to discuss the business strategies for each of the products we are selling and the heads also need to have some technical training to be able to understand better our products. As for me, aside from making sure that I bond with them, I need to learn more about the new product I am tasked to develop. This is really a challenge and I hope I’ll be able to meet their expectations.

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